Motion Graphics Blog


The Jellyfish Act - Motion Graphics Blog started 9+ years ago. It began as a collection of works, mainly animation videos from all over the world that I’ve gathered through the years. Quickly, the information was so vast that become impossible to dig with accuracy. Sometimes I needed to find a particular video as a reference for work or fun and had a bad time finding it. It then become clear I needed to organize them. The blog was born. I’ve had the chance to be supported by incredible people who have contributed to the blog in many ways, to all of you guys, thanks. Thanks for all your finds, resources and time, you rock!
— Adrian Alva

Although it started as a Motion Graphics blog, it now covers a wider variety of subjects. From new media and computer technologies, to hand crafted stop motion or frame by frame animation; code based art, kinetic installations, projection mapping, you name it.

While this blog runs on passion and love, it has some minimal yearly expenses. Help the motion graphics blog, any contribution is gladly appreciated.