Karina Posborg

After KLIK 2013

Karina Posborg

Klik! Animation Festival in Amsterdam ran November 2013 and the festival chose to do the theme "Fabulous Fifties" for this year. Amid Amidi and Klik'ker Tünde Vollenback programed special screenings and introductions approaching the Cartoon Modern tendencies in the fifties; the essentials from the UPA era, contemporary cartoon modern and even a screening showing the eastern european cartoon modern animations next to american and western cartoon modern - putting things into a interesting perspective. 
The theme was not only pulled of with screenings, but also with a fabulous fifties party in the fifties styled lobby and a new animation referencing a theatrical add:

The selection of films in competition was very enjoyable and put together in a refreshing way. A few of the winners:

Aisha Madu won the student category with "Helpiman"
Eno Swinnen won the Political short category with LIVE // LOVE // LIKE & SHARE
Dustin Rees won the Animation for hire category with "Vitra silent wall"

You can check out the rest of the winners Here

Two of the jury members was the frenchmen of Ganpol & Mit, who gave a mind-blwing audio visual perfemce at the award show.

The Klik animation festival offered a lot more fun among others studio talks with Buck and Cartoon network, free cotton candy, Tumblehead making of Rob 'n Ron, boat trips in kanas of Amsterdam and documentaries about Bronies. 

The next Klik animation festival in November 4 - 9 2014.