Murcof + Simon Geilfus (Antivj)

So yes last Wednesday I had the chance to see Murcof and Antivj / Simon Geilfus at a beautiful location in Mexico city. At the back gardens of the Fonoteca Nacional located in the colonial neighborhood of Coyoacan, a rectangular stage with approximate dimensions of 4x10 meters, covered with translucent fabric, similar to window screen or even stocking nylon but thicker, used for the projections. Otustanding sound, great music by Murcof, just a joy to see. If you have them near, don't miss them.

Second time in Mexico, first in MUTEK 2011, correct me if I'm wrong. Before, in the whole world.

What amazed me the most about the whole event was the crowd. Something around 1500 in, and other 600 that didn't make it. Cool it was free no registration needed. 

Producer Nico Boritch and Simon Geilfus in the  surroundings offered time to the media. We had the chance to speak to Simon and basically this is what I get out of him.

-They program entirely the show. Meaning no visual softwares involved. Just c++ and open frameworks. (respect).

-The show is entirely rendering live, this means they have a nice server near to help them out. I noticed very precise and hard shadows during the whole show, that takes a while to render in our animation world, imagine what it needs to do it live.

-I asked him how does the Antivj collective work, and basically, they're all friends from the past, they know each other for long time, it was natural for them to collaborate giving birth to the visual label.

-Murcof plays live and some impro is put into the mix. Simon's visual react to sound. Meaning that every show is different. They just follow the script but the computers do the rest.


Simon Geilfus