adrian alva

Punto y Raya 2013-14

adrian alva

Motion, color and sound. Non-representational art as many may refer. A festival held at the Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Center. A good excuse to visit the northlands. If you live there a must. Organized by hardcore art directors and animators of full worship. 

The programme features live performances by major artists like Ryoji Ikeda and Ryoichi Kurokawa; specially commissioned opening concerts by Sigurður Guðjónsson + Anna Þorvaldsdóttir & Bret Battey + Hugi Guðmundsson; guest Austrian and Polish Film panoramas, and the selected works in the international live set & short-film Competitions, which brought together nearly 500 artists from 46 countries.

And what about their promo? Guillermo Daldovo from Malevo, tailored this great effort of vintage looking scenes full of Bahaus polygons,  reminding me of Wassily Kandinsky or such abstract art couture. The glitchy sound, the "cigarrette burns", the textures... 

Working art direction all together.