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Eyeo Festival Minneapolis 2013

adrian alva

Just recently I've been in contact with the social networks of the festival and I have to say they do great posting all over. Have you seen the number of artists listed at the lineup?

If you are into newmedia, code and interactive arts this is a great choice for you. From the 5th-8th of June if you're around the american highlands. Minneapolis the host city invites you to take part of the new generation of CGI crafted arts.

Eyeo assembles an incredible set of creative coders, data designers and artists, and attendees -- expect enthralling talks, unique workshops and interactions with open source instigators and super fascinating practitioners. Join us for an extraordinary festival.

Converge to Inspire.

Come to Eyeo if you’re interested in:

- Art & Technology

- Creative Code

- Data Visualization

- Design

- Experience Design / Storytelling

- Interactive Installations / Architecture & Interaction

- Physical Inputs / Gestural Computing /  Kinect Hacks

- Physical Outputs / 3D Printing / Arduino

- Processing / OpenFrameworks / Cinder

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