Sight + Sound 2013

I guess Montreal is very hip on all the arts and technologies events these days. If you made it to ELEKTRA you should try his sound and technology brother festival.  

For this fifth edition of Sight & Sound, we are inviting the public to join us on an unparalleled experience. For the first time ever, in the aims of highlighting the Eastern Bloc’s and Sight & Sound’s five years of existence...

So what about Eastern Bloc? 

Eastern Bloc is an exhibition and arts production centre dedicated to New Media and interdisciplinary art. The vision at Eastern Bloc is to explore and push the creative boundaries in digital and electronic arts, audio/video installation, multimedia performance and other emerging practices.

So far so good... What's the main focus of this year's event? 

Under the heading “Black Market,” this edition of Sight & Sound seeks to explore the rhizomatic and permeating structures of society’s concealed systems. We ask ourselves how we can demystify the black market and its perceived impenetrability. Whether we can actually succeed in unpacking the mechanisms embedded within global – and localized – clandestine networks.


Open source then...  

Feel lucky to be around to witness this great event. For all my Sound friends that love the visuals behind them, Sight + Sound's for you!


Press Kit.