Transitio_mx 2013

We had the chance to visit Transitio_mx festival. Focused in new media art and video, Transitio holds five emissions of their festival. This time the focus of the event lies on the interaction with technology and bio organisms. They call it BIMEDICANOES (Bio Mediations). They held a great curation of these sort of newmedia art. I have to say I was impressed with some of the works portrayed. I say they have an alternative to new media arts as we show them at the blog. They have great artists that execute in installation format using tablets, projections and curatorial efforts. 


Pics of the opening courtesy of Mrs. Ana Karen Mendoza, photographer at the event. 

Some of the artists featured: 

Here the work of John O'shea and his Pigs bladder football.


 Intresting work by Cohen Van Balen

Intresting work by Cohen Van Balen

Kuai Shen

Get the idea? More art, less mainstream. We like that.  

Visit the festival if you're in the area. Worth it. 

More info here.  


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