adrian alva

Chroniques de Mondes Possibles

adrian alva

Created by multi platform cultural project Second Nature, Chroniques de Mondes Possibles is a festival focused on new forms of arts, digital often but unprecedented in nature. Based in Aix en Provence at the south of France, one full month of audiovisual performances, exhibitions, kinetic art and more.

Diverse curation, opening new channels for the digital makers. Follow it closely, alternative resources on the new media fields. I confess, I didn't know any of the booked artists, but hey, look at their work! very inspiring.

You in the neighborhood? don't miss this month of digital arts in Provence.

Far away? We'll keep track of the happenings of the festival. Be here in October to see the updates. 



At the A/V lineup

Grégory Robin

Pierre Bastien en KEROXEN2012