Resonate 2014

Resonate 2014

Proper growth this year for Resonate festival, celebrated in Belgrade, Resonate offers talks, screenings, panels, performances. An aboslute newmedia festival that you should attend if you're in the surroundings. A popullated list of fine artists of digital. Kinetic art, code, projections, mainly all our aim.


Here some artsits:

6 Rubens Tubes play track Slash by Yuri Suzuki by Yuri Suzuki and Mathew Kneebone
Animating the built environment through conversation. Sponsored by Live and Media Arts at the ICA (London).
It's easy to imagine a future where our closest experience to nature: parks, forests, gardens and general plant life, will become increasingly less accessible to the point of near extinction, due to excessive technological and industrial visions of progress. To 'experience' nature will become that of a rarity and therefor exclusive to the rich and powerful.

Enjoy! here the info

MUTEK/ELEKTRA Montreal 2014

Murcof + Simon Geilfus (Antivj)