New Forms Festival 2014

New Forms Festival 2014

My friends out there looking for inspiration. The new forms festival is coming up this next week at Science world Vancouver. We'll have a special coverage of the event with two of our contributors; Justin Kohse and Olea Tvengsberg.

What is the new forms festival? Well, if you get to see the lineup of artists, there's a strong influence of music behind the event. Installations, live performances and party. But hang on, don't let this put you  down at all. Plenty of crazy looking digital art in all kinds of presentations. Much of it with Glitch like sway. 

Through promoting collaborations between Canadian artists, international artists, and those working in the technology sector, NFF facilitates in the production, display and growth of new media, music, film, installation, and performance art based practices. Since its inception, an integral element of the NFF is the recognition of independent and groundbreaking artists, and those contributing to a broader understanding on new genres of art making.
New forms festival

Here some artists on the event.

Morton Subotnick presents a new way for your kids to create music. Pitch Painter is a musical finger painting app that is simple yet surprisingly sophisticated. While engaged in creative musical play, the child will be introduced to a variety of musical instrumental sounds and authentic scale tunings from four regions of the world.

Gary James Joynes (Clinker Sound)

Kammeroper für vier Solisten, vier Violoncelli, Keyboard und Elektronik Text inspiriert von: Phaedrus von Plato, Eleni von Nicholas Gage, The Little School: Tales of Disappearance and Survival von Alicia Partnoy und The Holocaust Kingdom: A Memoir von Alexander Donat sowie Jacob's Room von Virginia Woolf Musikalische Leitung: Ari Benjamin Meyers Inszenierung, Bühnenbild und Kostüme: Mirella Weingarten Live-Video: Lillevan Klangregie: Torsten Ottersberg Licht: Jean-Mario Bessière Mit The Guide: Ruth Rosenfeld Mother: Katharina v.
This past 10th of December Murcof and Simon Geilfus member of the visual label Antivj performed at the Fonoteca Nacional in Mexico city.

So guys, be tuned next week to see some insight into the event. Pictures, reviews and even interviews.