Festival Internacional Mapping Girona 2015

Four days dedicated to mapping and light installation. A global mapping event pushing it's way to become the reference in the field. The festival celebrated in Girona Spain, quite near from SONAR base city Barcelona, offers workshops, performances, conferences with professionals dedicate to the discipline and a contest.


30-Jul 2-Aug

New Forms Festival 2014

Through promoting collaborations between Canadian artists, international artists, and those working in the technology sector, NFF facilitates in the production, display and growth of new media, music, film, installation, and performance art based practices.VANCOUVER

18-21 September

New Forms Festival 2014

Resonate 2014

New media festival. Resonate believes that transferable knowledge is at the heart of the festival, able to inspire and motivate, involve new generations into contemporary trends without the delay that was characteristic for this geographic region in the previous decades.


1-5 April

Resonate 2014