What is Generative Design?

More and more you'll see yourself exposed to a conversation where you  meet with a techno architect, a visual artist, a musician or an  industrial designer. For a start you and your tech knowledge will allow  you to understand some of the jargon and somehow be accepted by the new  age professionals until they start with their generative design  trade-offs.

For those out there who don't know, Generative Design  is a field from the CGI where images or animations are generated by a  computer algorythm. Sounds familiar? Maybe the golden number, Pi the movie, Fibonacci rings a bell. Well in few words, a set of rules with some sort of  variations that if controlled can generate amazing patterns impossible  to replicate without the help of an "ordinateur". In a way, many of the  functions of our 3d software or even AE are designed through algorythms  that  replicate certain "natural" functions in digital. Say the physics  of mograph, Trapcode you name it.

Check this awseome lab specialized in generative design. Onformative. You'll trip with their achievements. If this is your thing check out our code and interactive tags, many posts about this type of design.