Top 10 memorable projects of 2013

Top 10 memorable projects of 2013

Here the list of the top 10 memorable moments at The Jellyfish Act. All based on the virality, commenting and of course magnificence of the developments. Considering all our social channels where all these where present. 

Not nested, but all belong to different categories.

Here the list:

Dr.Easy- Best script.

The Clockmakers- Best 2D animation

Magma- Best Fluids and simulations.

Caldera- Best Shortfilm

Cutoutfest call for entries- Best Spot

Luminous City- Best Composite

Consumed- Best 3D animation

Pterois- Best Character rigging

The Box- Best Projection Mapping

Coin- Best Public prize

Thanks to everyone for following the blog, looking forward for this upcoming year. Can't predict the trend of what we're about to see, but sure it will keep the industry stimulated. See you next year, and watch out for May, in our 3rd anniversary. Lot's of surprises and improvements. 

Thanks to all our collaborators worldwide, happy to receive new enthusiasts that help the blog divulge the industry of animation, our beloved motion graphics and the well received new media developments. 

Thanks to you all. 

Love you.