A kinetic glass sculpture: FLOE: RCA Collaboration

A kinetic glass sculpture: FLOE: RCA Collaboration
FLOE, embodies the shape and movement of ice drifting on the surface of the North Atlantic.

Made in collaboration by RCA (Royal College of Art) students and professionals from various backgrounds, FLOE combines the use of glass material, engineering, animation and kinetic design (via arduino). We like to call this NEWMEDIA!

Built as a prototype, FLOE searches for support to build up a bigger-better version, to be showcased in festivals worldwide.  

In their words:

..think of this as the first step of a fresh and promising collective!

I got in contact with Ozgun Kilic one of the team members; and I see, enthusiasm, great level, criteria, and a nice video to go with it. That's the way to go!  

I congratulate the whole team, I give them two thumbs up and a nice kickstart for their achievement in the beautiful FLOE kinetic sculpture. We'll follow them closely from now on, sure to expect wonders in a nearby future out of this fresh starting team of young newmedia artsits.

Lida Marinkova (Mixed Media & Textiles), Ozgun Kilic (Animation), Oluwaseyi Sosanya (Innovation Design Engineering), Pierre Paslier (Innovation Design Engineering)

Process started off with Pierre Paslier’s experimentation with kinetic structures using MDF and manual movement.

Anybody interested in giving them a push, just let them know through the blog and they'll be contacting you shortly.

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