Bordering on abstraction: Scenarios: Onionlab

Bordering on abstraction: Scenarios: Onionlab

It has been seen at The Jellyfish Act's Facebook page before. This time, contacted by the Onion Lab team we decided to make it a post. Maybe plenty have seen it out there, but plenty haven't and deserve to see this wonder. 

Built for Yota Devices, Scenarios shows the development of 3D modeled surface for projection, router technology allowing model to be macine crafted, a 3d animaiton based on model. The perfect match for projection mapping execution. See how it maps perfectly? And how they've applied dynamics that follow perfectly the path of the model?

From start to wrap, an excellent projection mapping product.

by Onion Lab

It all started with interactivity and motion graphics, but little by little, research led Onionlab to new territory such as lighting, stage design and projection mapping. Onionlab deals with design, art and technology-related projects. It focuses on an ongoing dialogue among these three fields by integrating a wide array of techniques and different profiles in its workflow. Since 2011, it has incorporated projection mapping–applied to both façades and audiovisual installations.