The bot and the box: BOX: Bot and Dolly

Simply mind blowing. Can't thing of many of the solutions. This takes me immediately to the icon moment of Alexander McQueen's spraying bots, then to the acme portable hole, computer vision and the question; how do they mapp moving elements? only Kinect kinda tech can do that. Then the clean and outstanding visuals, but overall the performance born from a kickass script! And hey, how  determinant is to to document it properly. I mean the video and the web are the only responsible for these type of pieces to succeed. They gotta be on a very controlled environment, possibly very hard to move, the only way to show them to the world is through streaming video. There the importance of Vimeo, of our blog, of the www.

So happy!  

Interview and behind the scenes. 

For and by Bot and Dolly / GMUNK

The future is among us!