Conduct your own orchestra: The Computer Orchestra:

Conduct your own orchestra: The Computer Orchestra:

Created by Simon de Diesbach, Jonas Lacôte, Laura Perrenoud, The Computer Orchestra offers a platform for everyone to use, to produce a home made orchestra. You can sample your voice, insert music and start composing. More attracted to the installation itself than the platform I confess, but I guess the ad works. Again, the example where the creative documentation means a lot. I guess this is good time for videographer and indie directors out there. Practically anything now deserves a nice montage video. If made properly the impact in your webpage and your sales is remarkable. 

Be hold, not yet, where's the new media? Check the video and see the computer vision control. Yeah, you sample audio, you compose but then you perform.

Move your hands kindly, in an intuitive reproduction/pause interface to start your own  symphony.

VIsit The Computer Orchestra