New Forms Festival review.

New Forms Festival review.

Our Review of NFF

We first thank the NFF for the opportunity to assist with cameras and so on. Great hospitality, organization and obviously a wonderful event. 

Photos and more by our contributors: Justin Kohse and Olea Tvengsberg.


The combination of his live music and frequency / sand visuals reminded me of nature and space. At first I thought everything was pre-recorded, but halfway through his performance I noticed he was creating ominous tones using audio FX and tweaking his own voice. Pretty Amazing. He went on to explain that the piece was created after his father passed and it was dedicate in his memory. Clinker further explained that the sand visuals were created using a massive metal plate and by cranking frequencies to there maximum he's able to "animate" and control the particles to his liking. Great stuff! The piece he presented was called "Peregrination "

Murcof and Simon ( AntiVJ):

These two were definitely the highlight of the whole festival. The whole piece was like an endless journey that had you completely immersed from beginning to end, I remember so much anxiety building up inside me yet there was a smile on my face the entire time and i couldn't wait to see what was next. Although everything was digitally created their work had an almost organic nature to it all. These two are masters at utilizing the space they perform in, I had been to the Omnimax at Science World in the past but never have I seen something that fit so perfectly. The visuals engulfed my vision, so much so that I would have to turn my head from left to right just to be able to take it all in.  I never knew that abstract digital creations could be so beautiful yet terrifying all at the same time. A sight to see and hear!

See you around.