adrian alva3d

5 Seconds: Que design

adrian alva3d

What about this? A 17 year old motion designer. With a webpage as many of us in Cargocollective , (an easy web portfolio builder), with the name of Que Design, executing 3d motion graphics with Cinema 4d. There's a post about this software in the blog. He generates a solid style of abstract mutating polygons. Very dark and evil looks to it. Intelligent behaviours, nice illumination bumping into infinite backgrounds. Grey is my favorite color so I have to say he chose that well too. And with an incredible "copy" in his "about" section:

quedesign is my brand. I am quedesign.

This will be seen more often, young ones doing their part too. Now with technology available to all, and learning resources, anyone can hop into motion. Nevertheless, criteria, I think, is won through school, reading and exchanging information with other people. Many times, self taught and specially through internet, only focuses on the software opperation. Good ideas improve, by getting as much stimulis as you can, and what better stimuli than the old human to human conversation.

Go visit quedesign and comment on his work. Is good to have young guys parallel to us, above or behind us.