A projection Mapping story :The Alchemy of Light: Dandypunk

"Projection mapping seen from the perspective of drama"

This is how I enclose this new genre that I'm sure is gonna grow in the next few months. We've seen projection mapping in the populated world of pop/rock star concerts. Parallel, a whole movement of indie mappers experimenting, growing languages, making stronger the possibilites of this visual art. Buildings, ships, trees, water or any kind of surface that can retain the beams are often used to catalyse the effect. Even some popular theatre shows employ the technique patronizing the oldschool scenery design. But until now, at least in the common's people digital world I haven't seen such a use in the craft. I mean, we recently saw the work of  Filip Sterckx with his mapped music video, but you get how big the production was right?

In this case, If I may, an indie version of a whole sequence of stories interacting with a human actor. I definately say, this is a great achievement.

by Dandypunk

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