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All that is solid melts into the air: Kultnation

This one's great! very good mutations, again, an artisitic feel to it but with the personality of a high end reel. Kultnation, a reliable source for well finished pro level motion graphics. Novelty, digitalism and talent, all together to build a team of leaders in the field. Many projects to see, I will definately post a couple, the next weeks. One of those resources where you find no limits in the script. And like any other pro lab, they have their audio partners, echolab, sound design and music. Really wirth checking them too. 

  A quote to start. (from their vimeo page)

"Under a violent irruption of forms and structures, everything flows towards a constant evolution. “All that is solid” is a visual and poetic journey influenced by art, design, architecture and photography."

Neomorphus: Animatorio

Jellyfish: Ayebra