ARTFUTURA 2018/2019

ARTFUTURA 2018/2019
ARTFUTURA - The Jellyfish Act

Coming up, the ArtFutura festival focused on new media developments, VR, interaction design, digital animation and all those things we love, is on from tomorrow 22 November. Time for workshops, conferences, installations and what wish you.

ArtFutura opens with special activities in London, Madrid and Alicante.

LONDON With the presence of Paul Friedlander, Estela Oliva, Claude Heiland-Allen, Christian Duka & Marco Maldarella, Mowgli and the Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers.

MADRID Roundtable at Espacio Fundación Telefonica with Montxo Algora (Director of ArtFutura), Luis Miguel Samperio (co- founder od Empatica VR) and artist Marina Nuñez introducing her new Virtual Reality installation “Fallen Angels”.

ALICANTE Master classes, seminars, workshops and presentations at the MACA, the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art. And an opening party with music and visuals at Cultural Center Las Cigarreras.

We see a great focus in artists such as, Simon Christoph Krenn, Dmitry Zakharov, Maxim Zhestkov that show the applications of new software engines and upgrades on existing. Or artists like Estela Oliva, sensitive new media approaches with 3d scans from the real world, 3d layouts and clever tunes by Ana Quiroga (Sound Designer).

Be sure to hop into the festival, see new trends, network and learn from artists worldwide.