adrian alva3d, VFX

As One: Makoto Yabuki

adrian alva3d, VFX

Hello guys, today's post is one of those you'll never forget. For all of you mographers, visual artists, 3d students, or the casual visitor, I leave you this special post from The Jellyfish Act. A pure glance to a digital dream, an author/director in 3d motion that shows a great script abilty with the 3d tools, clean environments in absoulte harmony with music. Sometimes evil but often with peacefull stories, Makoto Yabuki, demonstrates great control of the machine: great movement, levitation, inheritance, showing no need for high render displacement or complicated textures. I leave you with this three pieces, one for vfx, and the rest 3d visual pleasure. Check the containing boxes, great sets for motion to happen. A hardcore cloner and random user. 

Definately save this one, top of the list in 3d art direction

As one our personal favorite.

I leave you the link for Tangram, the lab founded by Makoto Yabuki, great works, and blog