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Elk Hair Caddis: Peter Smith

This is a graduation film for The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark 2010 apparently. Great character animation, hairy frog with jumping big eyed tadpoles and  funny eyed fishing bear.The scenery design amazing, very nice forests, water running, and crazy country looking landscapes. A good use of cameras, dolly outs to meet full shots of the world, day and night shots and a solid script. A new look for 3d short films. The sound fx also with a very good finish. Try it, is really funny and you can see lots of dedication. It reminds me a bit of Fantastic Mr. Fox from Wess Anderson, you know, the animation film from the director of Life Aquatic and The Royal Tenenbaums, if you don't know him go check his stuff, an amazing director and definately, Fantastic Mr. Fox really something you shouldn't miss.


Peter Smith (Directing, Rigging, Storyboard and animatic, Animation, BG-shoot, Compositing)
Magnus I. Møller (Directing, Character design, 3d models and textures, Animation, BG-shoot, Compositing)
Alice Holme (CG-backgrounds, Character development, Storyboard, Animation)
Anders Jepsen (Matte-painting, Vehicles design, Sets building, Animation)



Het Klokhuis: Johnny Kelly

Neomorphus: Animatorio