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Energy smart appliances: A glance to the immediate future: Samsung

We usually don't post commercial vids into the blog, unless ther's a good reason for it. In this case we have more than a good reason. Many times people design oracles of the future, often, way over the limits of imagination tending to be unaccurate. In this case we see a nice animation with a smart and possible future, the kind of future you in a way are already living but with a horizontal spread into human day by day life.

I don't have the facts on who made it but the guy who post it, but this works seems to be an animation lab job. Very well executed, no mistakes whatsoever, and very celan renders, despite the size of the ad. If anyone out there have any information into the creators, speak up!

Spend energy wisely.

Projection based music video: Willow: Sweater: Filip Sterckx

Aerial landscape of alien highlands: Pjusk: Till Nowak