Flying Jellyfish like characters: Mothership: FutureDeluxe

Flying Jellyfish like characters: Mothership: FutureDeluxe

Not too long ago we posted the reel of fantastic Twisted Poly, (Here the link). In fact one of the factors considered on accepting his submission was this work specifically, and we see is a collaboration with Future Deluxe. A London Based lab with a bureau in Brighton. Amazed by the imagination behind these concepts. Outstanding character design, flying like jellyfishes that we remarkably love. Being a bit strict, I think the beginning goes a bit too fast in my taste, in contrast to the end where you see the flying chimera, perfect wing swing here. Lovely textures and render. Simply beautiful.

Working with friend and collaborator Twistedpoly, we have created a fun, futuristic and colour fuelled animation short titled - Mothership. The first of five diverse films to launch our new brand. Audio by Zelig Sound. Design / Direction - Nejc Polovsak / Creative Direction - Andrew Jones / Sound design - Zelig Sound /

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