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Free 3d ink preset for Trapcode.

I know the mayority of you before following us you follow guys like Nick Campbell, in the case you missed it, he gave away a free trapcode particular plug in for after effects. Apparently a bummer for your renders, but check the results, very 3d like. Like many others, after seeing these types of plugins in AE I wanted to get deeper into 3d, there my story to get in touch with cinema4d. Anyway a quick post. Check Nick´s stuff, he works as an optimal learning resource, not only for cinema and after, but he is a steady blogger with great communication capabilities. I would spot that from him, a great communicator, people listen to him. And you know what else is great about him? HUMBLE, dispite his  thousands of followers.

Have fun.

Here the download, via Nick Campbell and Red Giant.






Flight Patterns: Aaron Koblin

Lost Below: Mato Atom