adrian alva2d

Genoeg (enough), Eefje de Visser music video: Spread Motion Design

adrian alva2d

Besides from the great song where not much can be understand,  the video shows amazing scenery design. Great forests, reminding me of old school animation. A good example how animation and compositing build a great story, making stronger a musical experience. 

Eefje de Visser  an indie group from Utrecht Netherlands is soon having some dates this spring through Netherlands and Belgium. Maybe there´s somebody outhere who may wanna take a look. I like groups that invest in motion graphics! we shall follow them closely. Follow them on twitter. @Eefjedevisser

Spread Motion Design is a "collective of HKU (Utrecht School of Arts) graduates who started out as interaction designers but gradually moved towards motion design", as they quote in their vimeo profile. Good school I must say. I leave the link for the school for all those living in Netherlands and nearby europeans. I tried to link you to their website but seems broken. In the future I will try posting something else from them. Many good pieces in their vimeo.

I found this video through a Dutch Motion Designers group through Linked in. Sometimes resources must come not only from web surfing.