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Hugo Boss: Andreas N. Fischer: Blender

We tend not to post commercial stuff at the blog, but I think we had to do an exception for this one. Not only for the piece itself, but for the discovery of this Munich born Berlin based talent. His website shows much more of what he can. Here a small bite of his potential. Good we have found him! 

I was almost sure his fluid simulations were achieved by realflow or some fluid special software, but after reaching his website I learned he uses Blender. I tried the software for a while in the past and I remember appart from the technical look to the interface, that behaved basically the same as any other 3d software out there. Therefore I continued my quest of mastering my talents in cinema 4d as I've been doing for the past years. I learned realfow to match the fluid abilities in the profession feeling confident about it. Now, I think maybe is time to take another look into Blender. This power speaks for itself. And hey! Blender is opensource and free, I always loved that.

Cheers to Blender and my great colleague Andreas N. Fischer (A.N.F.)


Adobe Artists: Onformative: Algorythms

Motion Capture: Ian Cheng