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The gang cassualties: Is tropical: Megaforce

I know many of you have seen this before, but for those who haven't this is going to be an absolute shock. Great composting great VFX great 2d blood splatter animations. One of the best I've seen so far, but of course the idea is what matters. Great script here, and not least, the acting. I dont know if you notice it but it seems very french animation to me. I tried to track down the animator (Se7en) but kind of hard to find at the web, but I promiss I'll find it for you. All I know is that El Nino -production house (total masters)- based in Paris  with headquarters in London and US produced it with one of their directors (Megaforce), and then came to me these splatters, "I've seen them before" so I recall a post long time ago, in the first month of The Jellyfish Act, and here it is, don't you think is very characteristic?  And I love it, both actually, I find them so well executed. What do they use for this splatters I wonder?

Directed by Megaforce, and animated by the sneaky Se7en.

You will love it!

BT vision Xmas 2011: Weareseventeen

Barangulesen: Unknown