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Loud, colorful and hectic 2d: CRCR: Lowdi

Loud, colorful and hectic 2d: CRCR: Lowdi

More than a while ago The Jellyfish Act opened his digital walls to house the world of motion graphics. The first post of the Jellyfish was very well received, encouraging the team to carry on. This post was the music video for Tudor&Petru, who comissioned the job to the fantastic french animation lab of CRCR. We are glad to show you the new work from these crazy french animators. Lowdi, the - I have to say - super cool bluetooth speakers commissioned the job to Momkai agency (wirth taking a look). Enjoy the piece and I suggest you solo it with some good headsets! Amazing sound.


Extraterrestrial sound behavior in the neighbourhood: KORB: ECHOLAB

New born Adidas and the Moonlight Sonata: Kevin Kim