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adrian alva3d

This is an example of 3d animation using particles. In this piece we see the model of a heart using FFD deformer and tapper containing a particle emitter. Emitting balls with shiny and transparent texturizing. In this case cinema 4d was used, as you all know, you might find some mistakes in any softwares, but some of them can be used to your favour. Here we see while using  the heart with static mesh,  it recieves the particles, it fills the heart with them until they are too many, this can't be calculated properly by the computer, generating a vibration followed by a bursting mesh behaviour, yet this mesh doesn't break, but lets the excess of particles fly out of it. Many of these unexpected behaviours of the software of your choice are used anyways, It's a matter of time when you start seeing these gaps or bugs in the program, if you find them, try using them to create something nice instead of discriminating them. They can generate very cool projects at the end.

Here I leave the link for the demo version for maxon cinema 4d, go try, Mac and PC very easy to use.

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Adrian Alva a mexican motion graphics designer and 3d art director, born in México city, resding in Barcelona. Follow him in twitter @el_adrian