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Metamaterial: Dima Grubin

What is this? It's true, as the artist quotes, this materials have  "properties that may not be found in nature". Amazing piece. I see something like an animated displacement or clones with metaball. That for sure requires a great machine to render. An amazing, sci-fi chemistry behaviour. Really well achieved. Very interesting thinking particles perhaps, maybe some expresso behind it. Very shiny textures, perfectly illuminated. Nice growing splines from emitter with sweep nurbs. Further, other  emitter with sphere particles connected. Great post, I can see lots of AE happening. Beautiful smokes, and in general a good motion script. 


Dima Gurbin, a guy from Belarus, or at least settled there. Studied in The Belarus State University. We should check and remember that too! A good source for new talents perhaps.Sometimes, as myself, these skills can only be learned through self teaching techniques. It requires so much time and focus to certain tools working together that a course or a degree may not be able to give. This field requires lots of dedication and free time to learn properly. Maybe Dima, is one of them. Try Tutorials, with them, you can take your time, at your pace, with the option of going back and forward to really get the feel. 



Tell me what you think and don't forget following Dima at @grubin_dima and us!! @thejellyfishact

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