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Meteor Shower: Perseids 13th August

Hello guys! well today in a different mood. What about natural motion graphics? Yep, thats why I said. Tomorrow after today's midnight, we'll have a meteor shower by night. Date 13th August 2011. What does this mean? well, you know, the dark sky will be filled with beautifull glowing particles, not generated by a particle emitter. Around a hundred sparks per hour will be seen at the peak of the shower. At what time is this exactly? Well experts reccomend to start the view after midnight, meaning the morning of the 13th. Yet, moonlight will dim the visualization, try staying till dawn or before it to have better chances of seeing the brightest sparks. 

Enjoy the Perseids, comment and plaese send in some pictures if you can. Don´t forget your tripod, at least a 1000 ISO and a very long, and I mean it, very long exposures with a wide open iris. 


Go check your sky now Europe: Meteor Shower

Unluck: Yaniv Fridman