Neomorphus: Animatorio

Stop motion is great. This piece kind of a grungy dark one. Great character models. Lots of frames, you don't see that many steps. Great animation of the characters. Good photography and great sets! Story very straight forward, fun to watch. Spiders, moths, and creepy baby dolls. Has a bit of influence from Blue (MUTO)  I would say, specially when the spider is born out of the head of the doll, I'll link it too, although it's one of the most famous animations worldwide -more than 9 million visits-. You tell me what you think, influenced or not?

Animatorio is a motion lab from Brazil, they do all the 4 kinds of animation stop-motion, 3D, 2D and programming. That's cool!! They have all kinds of projects, but I like this one very much. You should hop into their site, really good source for inspiration or even to have contact in case you need some help in a big project. Here their twitter, follow them, they do twit often. And also don't forget on following us too!!  @ThejellyfishAct

Hope you like them.