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New Cinema 4d R13 : September

I know I took a while, but I don´t have access to the new R13 from cinema so before I only link and relink to other bloggers posting about this, I wanted to check out some tutorials, news and examples of this new Cinema 4d version. Spotting out the new stereoscopic render allowing you to generate 3d CGI footage. Many out there don´t like or care for this feature, and I must say I don´t care neither, but is important to notice however the opinions of professionals, there is a market of clients and or viewers who wanna see this more often. People are getting their new 3d screens, 3d laptops, video games etc, and although this is the happening of a product which had existed forever, there are some who are trully exicted about it and wanna see the possibilities of this hip technologies. Some of you will love it and maybe attracts a market of creators who sepecilize on this trend. A software has to suit as many creatives which are correlated to the demand of the audience. On the other hand it has a great new renderizing feature. The physical render, which basically can calculate in reference to a time span of your choice. Now you fill up all your scene with lights, casting shadows, filters and reflections, then you set up the maximum time for each frame, so now you can potenially calculate the best render you can get for the time you have left till delivery. In the preview of this new render type, -another amazing update- you now have an evolving render, so you start with a lousy render at first which generates an improved pass, to move to another and so on. This helps to see almost in realtime, a fair preview of how your final render will look like; meaning, more time for tweaking, less waiting. 

Check this Nick Vegas post at his site, no presentations needed, guru for the C4d tutorial.

Enjoy and soon more aobut his Release 13 of CInema 4d.


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