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Partitura: Abstract Birds&Quayola

adrian alvaCode

With general interest into 3d The Jellyfish Act is quickly evolving his taste. Motion graphics as the main focus, but now, a good part of the new things we like to post, is coded or interactive animations. I deeply think that the future for motion graphics doesn't rely in old school key framing animation. In few years, motion graphers and visual artists will learn code. Visual based programming looks a lot like some main stream softwares anyway, call it, combustion, flame or smoke. Newer softwares with open source capabilities are making things easier everyday. Why limit ourselves with the rigid models of main stream software? Why not build our own personal software to meet only the tools we use, the styles we want to cover and tailor made functionality?

Check an example of this, sure it looks very much like some softwares we use everyday, but built for an specific performance or job. A hand made program for a particular use.

Paritura, vvvv based, made in collaboration by two amazing visual artists. Abstract Birds and Quayola, that we've seen some time ago in The Jellyfish Act.

Wonderfull right? Don't close yourself to oldschool keyframing, try learning some code, that's the advice for a future value-added to your personal update. Learning never to be stopped, all motion graphists know that!

Hope you enjoy, and comments are very appreciated.