adrian alva3d

Phase: Yasuhiro Kobari

adrian alva3d

New motion art, well directed through music.

Arts in motion is where I'll fit this piece. Yashuiro Kobari one of those discoveries that give you insight into new ways of experimenting with motion. With a clear background in music, sounding like a mix of Nosaj Thing and Amiina, which by the way you should have a look too, a bit of ambient, a bit of electronic music and a bit of post rock I would say, at least the feel. Treats the animation like notes. Very melodic dancing fractals and sci fi modelled creatures moving for the sound. Mutations of rings, growing and deforming splines through air fields of dim illuminated scenarios. Lots of post, soundeffectors, and multiple cloned objects evolving through rotations. 

Only three pieces around but I will deposit my trust in this young talent. Check him after six months, you'll see, he will have a new amazing piece. 

Check his lab

Check his music too!!