Primavera Sound Memories: Device/BUNGALOW

Primavera Sound Memories: Device/BUNGALOW

Here a series by a storytelling exercise and teaser to portray a top music memory by selected artists. Chapter two submitted by Marco Petrucci from bungalow films. Love the dedicated illustration and sure the cinematographic approach of the camera. If you haven't been to Biggest, coolest indie musci festival world wide, visit Barcelona in May usually to experience it. 

Chapter One

Music brings memories and memories brings music back, connected in time and space in our mind. In this case, John Carpenter, explains us his favourite memory where music was the main character. A picture of his past recreated with a cubist style where, like memories, everything is made of small pieces. Director: Device Design & Animation: Device Character Animation: Genís Rigol Creative Direction: Alex Julià Original Idea: Joan Pons Executive Production: Igloo Films Narrated by: John Carpenter Concerto Extract: Tor Aulin Audio: Device Commissioned by: Primavera Sound _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Visit us: Follow us:


Chapter Two

Directed by: Bungalow Original Idea: Joan Pons Creative Director: Alex Julià Illustration & Art Direction: Bungalow Character Animation: Bungalow, Khris Cembe & Aim Studio 3D animation & Motion graphics: Bungalow 3D modeling: Bungalow & Xavier Torroella Music and Sound Design: Nil Ciuró Narrated by: James Rhodes Commissioned by: Primavera Sound Production Co: Igloo Films