Projection Mapping Arc de triomf : Sebastián Neitsch

The Jellyfish Act went to record the performance of young Sebastián Neitsch. Celebrated in Barcelona, in one of the milestones of the city -Arc de triomf - , was the screen for one of the most trendy visual techinques out there. Projection mapping, involves the use of projectors which are controlled by special softwares just as mac based Modul8 (our favorite) Resolume AV, VDMX, Isadora, or even coded software like processing. With a model of the objective, in this case the Arc de triomf, and the use of animation softwares to build a visual story which is then manipulated by the realtime visual mixing (Vj) or else build coded programmes that generate the visuals and their animation reacting live, with the music. It "maps" to the surfaces through alpha channel control by nodes provided by the softwares above. Using masks and/or perspective transform, you can manually control the area of projection in a surface, together with a composition born from the model, you can generate amazing visuals mapped in 3d.

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Sebastián NeitschWoieshi Lean, with sound sync of Javier Navarrete