adrian alva3d

Reel 2010: Guillaume Combeaud

adrian alva3d

A good way to see the technical and creative capacities of a motion designer is to check their reels. As obvious as it may sound, sometimes creators get a little too controlled by their clients resulting in pieces that don't match to your interests. This may cause a "bad" impression to the viewers but sometimes is just that. When you check a reel, you not only see pieces of the best works of that last season or even of a lifetime of a motion designer, but you also see personal work that has been made for practice or even specially to be included at that reel. Because of the general constitution of reels involving various pieces, to show a wide spectrum of styles, these tend to be very short lasting having the possibility to be high in render and depth ending in precious seconds of pure magic.

Here an example of Guillaume Combeaud, a french motion designer living in Morocco. He has a motion design blog, with really cool stuff too!. Go check it here. Follow him on twitter @gcombo

Take a look to our reels section, this may help you to define clearer the script for your reel, pure inspiration or just for fun.  We will be adding more in time, if you have any suggestions please post and we'll post it for you.

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