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@Riam 2010: chdh

adrian alvaCode

It looks to me as a PD piece, but is maybe based in MaxMSP or even processing. It would be great if the author gives us a review into how he made these pieces. Coded animation is going to be more and more present in digital art tendencies and live acts. Try to spot some of these techs in your local lingering. If you're into it, ask! This kind of projects and supports are very well handled by programers, and high end digital artists, meaning complicated means for beginners, but nothing that a bit of study (in this case I will suggest reading) and a couple of hours to get there. Also very close to music or sound designers. 


chdh a france based collective focused into sound design and music visualization. Check their site, really intresting stuff there. Yet in french. I´ll try to reach the guys for a review. Hope you enjoy it and have fun learning whatever works for you.


UPDATE Comments from CHDH for The Jellyfish Act:


Thanks for your interest in our work.

Yes, the chdh projects are made with pd / GEM.

The website is translated in English.
For more information, have a look a the pages :
and :

Feel free to ask specific question.