Seoul vs Barcelona: Inflatable channel Identities: Brandly vs Dvein

Just a quick look at this new Ident animation, has this awesome soft dynamics with inflatables. We've seen them before with Dvein (the catalan animation lab) and their Morbidus. Kinda same set up with the colorful seamless floor bakground, the sudden inflation, and the fact is an identity animation. Yet, the materials look softer or less rigid than in Morbidus plus the addition of some geometrical and art elements. Like the music, I think it works real great. And who doesn't love the piggy?

Who would you go for?

Dvein from Barcelona with their Morbidus

Brandly from Seoul with Echannel

Note that Brandly has other versions and went for the 10 seconds spot. Here the others.

Version A

Version B

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