Sorry I'm Late: Tomas Mankovsky

Something to cheer up your day. Maybe you didn't make it to the job interview, or maybe to your date on time. This short stop motion movie creates an imaginary scenario for being late. Sit back and enjoy this cheerful animation. Seems like a platform video game (platformer) where the character  has to jump from a platform to another. One of the simplest but most exciting versions to play. Remember Burger time, Sonic, Mario or Prince of Persia ?, well this is what I'm talking about. 

The animation has an amazing floor made with pillows which are all over a giant mat that in every frame (and pic) are pulled to generate the movement of advancing, while the character lays down in the ground going to different means of transport. There´s lots of making off around the web, try here to check it. Gives lots of ideas, you just need a camera and a script, give it a try, and if you do, why not, post it in the comments and we can curate it for you.

I see also a bit of after effects going around too, is really cool. Pay attention to the sound fx, it really goes great with stopmotion, without mentioning the music behind it that supports the feel.

Tomas Mankovsky is a curious guy. He doesn't link his homepage to his vimeo, we advice him to do. We do the searches for you but it's easier if after a video you like, you link directly from vimeo to the creators web page. Yet, no problems we found him in a flick. He's a director based in London, with a ton of awards achieved through his carrier. Probably swedish due to his studies all over Stockholm, his work shows a wide spectrum of fields. Just as a good creative. You shouldn't limit to a discipline. He goes from stopmotion, to industrial design and post. Try always to be in contact with as many disciplines as you can, even if your results are not successful, you always get stimulated by these experiences that will influence your following creative processes. 

 Go play!

Ckeck the amazing credit list, don't get overwhelmed by it, you can try making something simpler with a couple of your friends.