Sunday Animated Shortfilms : Episode 1

Welcome to our sunday animated shortfilms. We'll be showing 3 animated shortfilms every sunday. If there are any suggestions for the next weeks, perfectly welcomed. This is a good chance to let people see your animated stories, your undeground animations or just your favorite shorts around. This space is intended for difusion not only for professionals of motion, but a place for everyone who's chilling on a sunday. Get your popcorn out, try to stream directly on your TV or projector, many ways around for that. Have you tried with your choice of video game console? (PS3, Wii, Xbox) Turn on your surround systems and fullscreen these cheering episodes of animated wonder. Don't forget, and I mean it, to bring your little ones,  the Special guests for these series. Every Sunday. 


Day and night

Dir. Teddy Newton


Meet Buck

Dir. Denis Bouyer, Yann de Preval, Vincent E Sousa, Laurent Monneron


Who's affraid of Mr. Greedy?

Dir. Simon Boucachard, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Sylvain Fabre, Guillaume Fesquet, Adeline Grange, Maxime Mary and Julien Rossire



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