Sunday Animated Shortfilms : Episode 7

This time I'll get you closer to the great level students of the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Israel. Really interesting subjects and a whole style from the students. It seems as if their art direction is managed by one same guy. The similarities in the style have lots of things to say. First, a more serious and perhaps existential approach on the scripts. And second, the design style falls into a more intellectual look, closer to the old school childrens book illustrations if I may. Enjoy this alternative on animated story telling, great way to start your sunday morning, or maybe just to have some quality time with the couch. 

Dir. Natalie Bettelheim

Dir. Yishay shemesh

Dir. Yula bulanov


So there you go, have a close look at the Bezalel Academy, many talents to be submitted to the industry. Soon a mega post on animation schools, academies and industries around the world. For all you young ones who want a part of this industry, get prepared!


Peace my friends.