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Surface detail: subBlue

Well well, motion graphics are not only a publicity, film vfx techinque, there is a wide field of animations oriented into realtime interaction. Used for artisitic performance, live acts or web, the field of DEMO as their followers will refer to, focused CGI but with programming resources instead of old school key frame animation. These techniques have their own sector of creatives a good place to start. These might as well be more into the computer technologies instead of the main stream creatives from design, film or motion design. They have their own parties paired with dj acts and are commonly confused with Vjing. Yet, these artists not often operate in live performance but their programmes do, reacting to the music played at the gig. Here an example of the unlimited posibilites of code based design with famous meta languages like Processing, Puredata or Maxmsp Jitter. Another era has come, the real-time creativity.


WebGL 3D fractal renderer

Phase: Yasuhiro Kobari

ZEROING: Andrey Nepomnyaschev