The basic sneaker reel: VIctoria SS18: Clim

The basic sneaker reel: VIctoria SS18: Clim

We usually don’t go for commercial work like this, but hey, every single frame I’ve paused seems lovely. The color pallette, the simplicity of the scenes go perfectly art directed with the Victoria shoe. It captures the lite but somehow sunny personality of the product without engaging in complex rigs, just a clean model, well textured with beautiful layouts that make them stand out.


If I’m correct, Studio Clim was formerly seen at or as Sebas&Clim studio, not into the gossip behind the story, but seems solid that Clim is the awarded Clim we’ve seen at this blog before.

More about this project here.

Just 4 people have been involved in the making of this animation. Clim & João Lucas designed and co-directed this surreal and whimsical animated film to promote Victoria’s most recognizable shoe. Having been given the responsibility of creating modern, fresh and meaningful content for a Spanish brand with such a rich history has been a privilege. Since 1915 Victoria has been characterized by grace and simplicity. It is a brand synonymous with Summer, Happiness, and Color. From that, we created a family of 8 summer-inspired scenes where shoes come alive and celebrate life and youth
— Clim