The false documentary high on VFX: Floris Kaayk: Cutout Fest

Two of the things I totally love are Documentaries and VFX. Mixing them together might sound out of blend, but what about using the documentary just as a script format. What about faking a documentary?

The false documentary has had lots of successful attempts in the life of cinema, from Woody Allen's "Zelig" to the amazing works of Werner Herzog and his "The Wild Blue Yonder" the genre has become a wide favourite in the people's choice. Are we bored of fiction? Are reality shows and believable stories stronger than those who seem so far away from truth? Only curators, cinema critics and deeds of motion to anwser but what about the mix between them?

Again, the Dutch master of animation scriptwriting, Floris Kaayk responsible for hectic day dreaming in the industry.

Amazing right?