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The Particle : Alex Posada

adrian alvaCode

Hello there. Today I bring you this amazing installation; using code specifically Max/MSP  (a graphic node based prgramming language). There are posts about this in the past, check our code tag. More than an animation is a sound composition. Using sensors, which can be, movement, thermic, proximity, electric based and many more, many times together with Arduino platform, you can assign musical and motion parameters contolled by Max, in this case the prescence of people with proximity or movement in relation to the installation or kinetic sculpture. For instance: If more than three proximity sensors are activated at the same time by the presence of people, the light will spin at a certain speed, the color will turn to red, making the sound of a guitar. I know, a very elemental example but I'm no expert. If you want to get in touch with this visual language you can visit forums of various communities and languages, Max/MSP is only one of them.

The programmer is not only controlling the spinning mechanism of spinning ans music but he's also generating the visuals which are pre designed in the coding process. This is a new field for creatives in motion, not only sticking to classical supports like film or web, but now evolving into physical interactive "art object" -If I may refer as so-.

Alex Posada is an interactive desinger and investigator living in Barcelona, in charge of the electronic lab and interactive design at Hangar, a prestigious centre for the visual arts.

Hope you liked it and if you are into coding, do get in touch with these sharing communities, very fond of teaching and learning.